Warehousing provided by reliable and established office movers is cost-saving. It is also time-saving and mitigates risk. Does your business have assets for storage? Is your company relocating staff? Master Office Projects offers safe and affordable warehousing services.  

We have warehousing facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. All items are professionally packed and stored on kiln-dried, rodent-free modular timber pallets.

Reasons for using warehousing

Warehousing is a primary business storage solution for companies. It declutters the office building by opening up space for more desks or meeting rooms. And is especially relevant when a company is in a growth phase but not ready for office relocation. It also assists with maintaining stock control, as access to company property in the warehouse is restricted.  

Many professional companies are required to store project documentation for several years even though digital copies are available. Various South African legislation also requires that financial documentation be kept for five years or longer. Paper-based documentation can take up a lot of space over the years, and warehousing them is an effective solution.

When companies have branch offices throughout the African continent or globally, staff are often relocated. Warehousing is the perfect solution to staff relocations. Especially when they do not want to take their household items with them. And plan to return within a few years. The goods are kept in a clean, safe and secure environment until they return.    

Advantages of Warehousing

One of the main advantages of using warehousing provided by professional movers is they take care of everything. All the items are professionally packed, transported and stored. Other advantages include:

Security: company goods kept in warehouses are under twenty-four-hour guard with CCTV surveillance.

Pest control: professional warehouses fulfil all pest control requirements. It protects stored goods from rats, mice, termites and other pests.

Availability: warehouse storage is available on long or short-term rental. Furniture, documentation or household goods can be stored for years.

Affordability: mass storage offers more reasonable rates than individual self-storage. 

Insurance: professional moving companies are fully insured for their work, and this extends to the warehouses they use. It protects all parties if stored goods are damaged due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Master Office Projects is a level one Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and one hundred percent black woman-owned company. Our services include international moves and staff relocation. Are you considering office relocation? Call Master Office Projects today for warehousing.  


Master Office Projects aims to provide you with only the best, reliable and time-efficient solutions when it comes to moving your office. 


We aim to provide only the best business storage solutions by ensuring that our facilities are safe, trustworthy and affordable. 


Are you planning any internal moves within your company? Do you need office relocation services? Master Office Projects will make it easier.


Master Office Projects uses a detailed schedule of all moves backed by Control-forms for all staff and a comprehensive Office Move Guideline


Office relocation due to rapid growth, a need to be closer to your market or simply for a better location is always good news. But there are so many details to attend to.

Recycling and Disposal

The recycling and disposal of items discarded during a corporate move must be done sustainably. We can support your company to accomplish this.


Master Office Projects will help you relocate your office, whether moving from one building to another or making a big move overseas.


Commercial movers such as Master Office Projects has extensive experience in office relocation. We understand the importance of good project management.

Environmental Salvage

Environmental salvage has two general definitions. The first is to rescue a ship from loss at sea. The other is to preserve the environment from adverse circumstances