Internal moves have many of the elements of an office relocation but at a smaller scale. Teams often move for strategic or practical reasons, and an internal move can be disruptive if not managed well. Are you planning any internal moves within your company? Do you need office relocation services? Master Office Projects will make it easier. 

Master Office Projects provides a professionally equipped team to dismantle and reassemble all equipment and furniture in one day.

Some basic guidelines for internal moves  

Good planning for internal moves will limit disruptions for the teams moved and those sharing their space. Internal moves might include the following:

Relocating desks or cubicles

Reconfiguring workspaces

Rearranging furniture and equipment

Affordability: mass storage offers more reasonable rates than individual self-storage. 

Moving boxes to and from storage.

Sourcing a checklist adapted for internal moves is a good start. There are generally so many details requiring attention that it is easy to miss something important. The checklist will simply keep you on track.  

If the internal move is for a small group, complete it in working hours. For large groups, consider moving overnight or over the weekend. Whichever is most practical and least disruptive. Let the building or maintenance manager know in good time when you want to move outside of standard office hours.   

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Again, as with office relocations, communicating with stakeholders is imperative. When an internal move becomes a possibility, communicate with the teams and people impacted. They will most probably know about it already from hearsay, but formal communication is necessary.   

Ask the team to pack the content of their desks or cubicles if possible. And take home any personal belongings such as photos or plants they don’t want to be damaged. Internal business relocation is the ideal time to clean and declutter. Put out more recycling bins and ask cleaning staff to prepare for additional cleaning.

Emotional impact of internal moves  

Internal moves are a regular occurrence in some companies, and staff learn to adapt. But for some people, it is more difficult than others because it has an emotional impact. Be understanding of this. 

Tip: When people use the same office chair for a long time, they know the ‘feel’ of it. Mark each chair clearly with the person’s name. Sitting in the new space on their old chair makes people feel more comfortable and become productive more quickly.   

Master Office Projects is a level one Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and one hundred percent black woman-owned company. Our services include international moves and staff relocation. Are you sourcing a commercial moving company? Call Master Office Projects today for assistance with internal moves.  


Master Office Projects aims to provide you with only the best, reliable and time-efficient solutions when it comes to moving your office. 


We aim to provide only the best business storage solutions by ensuring that our facilities are safe, trustworthy and affordable. 


Commercial movers such as Master Office Projects has extensive experience in office relocation. We understand the importance of good project management.


Master Office Projects uses a detailed schedule of all moves backed by Control-forms for all staff and a comprehensive Office Move Guideline


Office relocation due to rapid growth, a need to be closer to your market or simply for a better location is always good news. But there are so many details to attend to.

Recycling and Disposal

The recycling and disposal of items discarded during a corporate move must be done sustainably. We can support your company to accomplish this.


Master Office Projects will help you relocate your office, whether moving from one building to another or making a big move overseas.


Warehousing provided by reliable and established office movers is cost-saving. It is also time-saving and mitigates risk. Does your business have assets for storage?

Environmental Salvage

Environmental salvage has two general definitions. The first is to rescue a ship from loss at sea. The other is to preserve the environment from adverse circumstances