Master Office Projects office movers aim to provide you with only the best, most reliable and time-efficient solutions when it comes to moving your office. Our Service Level Agreement with the experienced Master Movers who have been in the industry for more than 40 years helps us to deliver on our promises and commitments to our customers.

Our extensive range of services include:

Building to Building relocations, moving all boxes, equipment and other items in a cost-efficient manner.

The installation and relocation of Bulk Filing units.

The delivery of double Walled/corrugated, Burst-proof boxes and new age ECO BOXES for highly sensitive documentation.

Internal Shuffles / Churns, where we supply professionally equipped teams that will dismantle ad reassemble all equipment and furniture within the day. MOP is covered by a third party insurance company, which means that you can rest assured that your project gets handled correctly and efficiently.

IT, computer, and telephone relocations and removals, including computer server, printers and scanner relocations and the relocation of Technology Equipment including, Switches, Servers, Server Racks, etc. This includes the disconnecting and reconnecting of computers, docking stations and telephones.

The maintenance of desking and lock units.

The supply of new office furniture and chairs with guarantees and warranties. We work with Smart Office Solutions to ensure that you receive the best quality that office furniture has to offer.

The relocation of safes and other heavy-duty office equipment.

Space Planning.


Dry Walling.

Master Office offers unbiased relocation services and a detailed checklist for all projects. We also have the experts to keep your systems intact and your operations running smoothly. We pride ourselves on being one of the top office relocation companies in South Africa. For more than 36 years, we have offered affordable yet trustworthy solutions to a wide range of clients. Contact us to learn more!


Master Office Projects uses a detailed schedule of all moves backed by Control-forms for all staff and a comprehensive Office Move Guideline


Office relocation due to rapid growth, a need to be closer to your market or simply for a better location is always good news. But there are so many details to attend to.


Are you planning any internal moves within your company? Do you need office relocation services? Master Office Projects will make it easier.


Master Office Projects will help you relocate your office, whether moving from one building to another or making a big move overseas.


Warehousing provided by reliable and established office movers is cost-saving. It is also time-saving and mitigates risk. Does your business have assets for storage?


The recycling and disposal of items discarded during a corporate move must be done sustainably. We can support your company to accomplish this.


We aim to provide only the best business storage solutions by ensuring that our facilities are safe, trustworthy and affordable. 


Commercial movers such as Master Office Projects has extensive experience in office relocation. We understand the importance of good project management.

Environmental Salvage

Environmental salvage has two general definitions. The first is to rescue a ship from loss at sea. The other is to preserve the environment from adverse circumstances