Project management for an office relocation can be daunting. It takes a lot of people management and focusing on details. Commercial movers such as Master Office Projects has extensive experience in office relocation. We understand the importance of good project management.    

Master Office Projects has one point of contact throughout a project, and management is always on-site. Our personnel are security cleared and Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) compliant.  

Choose the right project management leader

No company is successful without the right kind of managing director or chief executive officer. And no office relocation will be successful without the right kind of project management leader. The reality is this person will probably focus on the office relocation project for up to twelve months. They must be able to see it through to the end.

The selected person should ideally fulfil the following requirements:

Be from within the business

Must know the business and its processes very well

Senior enough to make decisions on behalf of the company

Highly organised

Financially disciplined

Great communicator

Well-developed people skills

Excellent multi-tasker.

Project management is in the details

There is no need to recreate something that already exists. Search for the office relocation checklist that is right for your company. A large company will have more matters that require attention than a small business. 

Define in detail exactly what kind of office space is required. Project management is in the details, and this is the most crucial stage of the whole project. Some details that need to be defined are:

Appointment of the relocation team that will work with the project manager

Definition of roles and responsibilities of each team member

Draw up a budget

Decide on which date the move will take place

Define the preferred locations for the new office

Draft a communications plan and act on it timeously

Choose a new office

Appoint the office relocation company

Office design and space planning.

There are so many more details that need attention. But at the end of the office relocation, when all the staff are settled, and issues sorted out. Remember to take a few minutes with the office relocation team and show appreciation for a job well done. 

Appoint the office relocation company

Appointing the best professional office relocation company is a defining choice. They can make the office move a success or frustration. Find business movers you feel comfortable with. You will be spending a lot of time together.  

Master Office Projects is a level one Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and one hundred percent black woman-owned company. We are covered by a third-party insurance company, and our services include office moves and storage. Are you looking for office moving companies? Call Master Office Projects today for a project management team member.


Master Office Projects aims to provide you with only the best, reliable and time-efficient solutions when it comes to moving your office. 


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Master Office Projects uses a detailed schedule of all moves backed by Control-forms for all staff and a comprehensive Office Move Guideline


Office relocation due to rapid growth, a need to be closer to your market or simply for a better location is always good news. But there are so many details to attend to.

Recycling and Disposal

The recycling and disposal of items discarded during a corporate move must be done sustainably. We can support your company to accomplish this.


Master Office Projects will help you relocate your office, whether moving from one building to another or making a big move overseas.


Warehousing provided by reliable and established office movers is cost-saving. It is also time-saving and mitigates risk. Does your business have assets for storage?

Environmental Salvage

Environmental salvage has two general definitions. The first is to rescue a ship from loss at sea. The other is to preserve the environment from adverse circumstances