Top Office Movers in South Africa

South African businesses are on the move! Whether downsizing or expanding, or simply seeking a change of surroundings, local companies are experiencing an upsurge in relocations all across South Africa. Anyone who has ever undertaken an office move knows that it is not a cheap or straightforward operation – and, of course, the bigger the business, the more complicated the move.

In order to complete a relocation as efficiently as possible, while keeping costs under control, you need a dependable relocation company. You have plenty of options, but which one is right for you? Here is a list of the top ten office movers in South Africa.

What do you need from an office relocation service?

Before running through the list of top movers in South Africa, let’s consider what you need from a business moving service. Moving your office can be a complicated affair. You should not entrust the job to a company that only has experience in domestic moves, nor should you attempt to handle the move yourself with a straightforward vehicle hire service. In order to get your business moved with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss and disruption, you need the following:

Expert movers with specific experience in business moves

Consultants who can help you plan the move to ensure that your office is packed up, relocated and reinstalled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flexible service times, ideally with an after-hours option if necessary, to ensure that you can minimise downtime.

Expert packers, supplied with specialised packing materials. They should understand the specialised packing requirements of all the different parts of your office, from documents to furniture, to delicate IT systems.

Agreeable and flexible pricing structures.

An added bonus would be the presence of on-staff experts with the ability to dismantle your IT and telephone systems and set them up again at the new location.

Master Office Projects

Based in Rispark, Johannesburg, Master Office Projects manages all kinds of corporate moves, whether local, interprovincial or international. We specialise in office removals, covering everything from shifting boxes and furniture, to relocating IT equipment and safes. We do not simply move your assets from one location to another. Our experts help you keep your systems intact and ensure minimal disruptions to your operations during the move. Our services include building-to-building relocations, the installation and relocation of bulk filing units; internal shuffles and churns; IT, and telephony relocations; the maintenance of desking and lock units; the relocation of existing office furniture, as well as the supply of new furniture; space planning and drywalling.

Sandton Office Removals

Although the company’s name may suggest otherwise, SOR is not confined to the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. For the past 50 years or so, it has provided office relocation services across South Africa, including all the major urban centres and most places in-between. Trained consultants help you plan every detail of your move, with attention to any special requirements. SOR provides all the necessary packing materials and follow strict packing and carrying procedures to ensure that items are moved safely. Special provisions are made for fragile IT equipment, such as computers and UPS units.

Quick Movers

Unlike Master Office Projects and Sandton Office Removals, Quick Movers provides both domestic and business relocation services. The Randburg-based company promises personalised service for local and cross-country moves. It aims to minimise disruption and maintain business continuity, as far as possible. In addition to its removal services, it also offers the option of pre-packing, sending staff to pack up your office so your staff can continue with day-to-day operations. Quick Movers have worked with many customers of all sizes, from small, privately owned enterprises to national health care providers and government departments.

Quick Movers


Pickfords is an international moving company that has been operating in South Africa since 1904. It is a well-established leader in both home and office removals and has an extensive network of branches across South Africa. Its office removal specialists help to plan moves and manage the packing of documentation and/or office equipment according to your requirements, into quality, custom-made cartons. Using tools such as colour-coded labels and detailed floor plans, Pickfords’ packing crews ensure efficient delivery and unpacking of items in the new premises.


Bambisana maintains a fleet of 20 vehicles of various types and sizes, able to manage the relocation of all kinds of businesses, large or small. It also supplies all packing materials and provides warehousing services. Bambisana manages the entire moving process, from packing up at the original location, to reinstallation at the new one. It also provides office maintenance services, such as furniture repair, lock replacement, upholstery cleaning and cable management.

Biddulphs International 

Biddulphs is a family-owned operation founded in 1928 in what is today known as Harare, Zimbabwe. It is the largest family-owned removal company in the southern African region. It currently operates seventeen branches in South Africa, three in Zimbabwe, and one in Botswana. As with most office removal services, Biddulphs emphasises its ability to minimise disruption in your daily business operations. In addition to helping with packing and moving, the company provides artisans who will also assist, as required, with the dismantling and re-erection of desks, filing systems and shelving.

Stuttaford Van Lines

One of the best-known names in the industry, Stuttaford Van Lines has been in operation for an incredible 165 years. Its office removal services operate under the Sandton Office Removals banner, providing a full office removal service, from packing to unpacking, with a variety of additional services to help make the move more efficient and minimise downtime.

Eezi Movers

Eezi Movers 

Eezi-Movers’ branches in various South African urban centres are all staffed with planning and project management experts who oversee and implement office moves from beginning to end. It offers pre-move consultation services, in which customised moving plans are drawn up. For an additional fee, the company also offers the services of a qualified project engineer, a great option for large corporations and companies moving over long distances.

Biggles Removals 

Biggles Removals is a British company with branches in all South African urban centres. It offers both office and staff relocations along all major routes in the country. Although they offer both home and office removal services, it is the latter that has been the mainstay of their business. Biggles provides a full suite of office moving services that include packing, dismantling and reassembly, and the removal of trash and debris. 


Execu-Move offers office and commercial moves for clients of all sizes and types. Its service includes the usual packing, unpacking, dismantling and reassembly tasks, as well as an after-hours service to help bring clients’ operational downtimes to a minimum. All office moves are fully project managed by trained staff.

Office moving FAQs

Do you have any questions about Master Office Projects’ moving services? Here are answers to some of the questions we are most often asked.

Do you move companies on the weekend?

Many businesses want to carry out their moves over the weekend or after hours, as this helps them to reduce downtime and prevent disruptions of their working days. We are willing to work with our clients to arrange their moves for times that would be most convenient to them. That includes weekends, if necessary.

Do you move PCs?

Master Office Projects understands that moving PCs and all other IT equipment requires specialised packing equipment and handling practices. We are trained and equipped to move all such equipment for our clients, and can even dismantle and reassemble IT set-ups during your move.

You have many options when it comes to your office movers in South Africa, and it is always a good idea to research the various service providers thoroughly and get multiple quotes before making a final decision. 

Master Office Projects is proud to stand among the top ten office removal companies in South Africa. We pride ourselves on offering all the necessary office removal services, from planning to move-in and installation, with a high degree of personalised and professional service. If you are planning an office move, or need help with staff relocations, contact us for more information on our services.