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We are a Level 1 BEE Commercial and Storage Service specializing in Corporate Projects, Relocations, Internal Moves, and Storage. We specialize in all moves, whether with staff members, office, or international relocations.

Specialist moves in Observatory.

Need a moving company in Observatory for a corporate move? Master Office Projects strives to provide the best, most dependable, and most time-friendly services for your office relocation. Whether you need to move your entire office from across the country or need staff relocation for a team of three, we will coordinate your move from start to completion. 

Browse through our relocation services below and speak to our team to make your corporate move a success. 

Office Moves In Observatory

Flexible and coordinated office movers.

If you are moving your office or expanding your business, you are bound to achieve success in Observatory. The suburb is home to many busy office parks with commercial spaces, such as Observatory Park, Black River Park, and Deneb House. If you are in hospitality or retail, you’ll find commercial spaces located along Lower Main Road and a shopping complex in St. Peter’s Square. Observatory borders Mowbray and Salt River, making it a great location for businesses looking to do business within these central areas.

Moving to Observatory can be difficult, especially if you don’t hire the right team to help. With decades of experience in moving large-scale and small businesses to Observatory, our office movers will meet all of your office move requirements. We plan and coordinate your office move according to your schedule to ensure your commercial relocation occurs with minimal downtime.

International Movers To Observatory

Observatory is a popular location for international businesses and their staff. If you’re moving from outside of the country, simply speak to our international relocation team. We handle our international projects as efficiently as our local moves and in the same time-friendly manner. 

Staff Relocation To Observatory

Safe and efficient furniture removal for your staff.

Moving staff to Observatory? You made the best choice for your staff. There is a railway station on the Southern Line with regular services for those seeking public transport. They can wine and dine at Cafe Ganesh in their downtime, take their kids to The South African Circus School to learn some new tricks, or even enjoy a night out at The Armchair Theatre. Observatory homes are also beautiful spaces for your staff. You can find plenty of affordable apartments, homes, and complexes on Main Road, Howe, and other safe residential areas.

Your staff is going to need a hand to move. Luckily, our moving company handles all household relocations for employees. Our relocation services for your staff include furniture removal, professional packing with expert packing materials, and the safe transportation of their belongings. 

Safe Storage In Observatory

When packing your office items, you might notice you have a lot of items taking up space. Whether it is older files or office furniture you just do not need right now, you can keep them secure in our safe storage facilities in Cape Town. We will monitor your belongings 24/7 to keep them safe until you need to access them again. 

Home Movers FAQs

Do you save money if you pack your belongings yourself?

If you pack yourself, you risk damage to your belongings, which can be costly down the line. Professional movers have the expertise to ensure your belongings are properly secured with expert packing materials so that they won’t move during transit.

Do we also handle the unpacking on arrival?

We are flexible. If you need help reassembling your furniture and unpacking your belongings, let us know and we will help you out!

What won't we move for you?

For your safety and ours, we cannot move some items, such as flammable or explosive items (gas, lighters, petrol, etc.), perishable food items, guns and ammunition, and potted plants (fake plants are OK!). Speak to our team for more info.

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