We are a Level 1 BEE Commercial and Storage Service specializing in Corporate Projects, Relocations, Internal Moves, and Storage. We specialize in all moves, whether with staff members, office, or international relocations.

If you are starting to plan an office move, you are probably already feeling the stress. Office relocation is no joke. It requires careful, sometimes intricate planning, and can be stressful and expensive, not to mention the possibility of disrupting your daily operations. With the right office movers in Johannesburg, however, you can eliminate the stress and downtime, and execute a smooth, flawless business relocation. Here’s what Master Office Projects can do for you.

Office Moving In Johannesburg

Master Office Projects helps you plan your office move for maximum efficiency, and then implements that plan from beginning to end. Our professional packers will pack up your office while your staff keep working. Our vehicle fleet will move your assets across whatever distance – whether within the city, across the country, or over the borders. We will then also help you unpack according to your specifications, as well as reassemble furniture, reinstall electronics and installing drywall if necessary.

International Movers In Johannesburg

Master Office Projects can even help you with international moves, whether by land, sea or air. We offer all of the same services we provide for local relocations: packing and moving of furniture and boxes, as well as staff moves and vehicle transportation.

Employee Relocation In Johannesburg

Are you taking your staff with you to a new location on the other side of the country? That’s no problem with Master Office Projects. We will help your staff pack up and move their homes, including furniture and boxes, and even pets and vehicles.

Storage In Johannesburg

Our Johannesburg storage facility provides a safe haven for your valuable office assets while you are between locations. All of your equipment is stored on kiln-dried, rodent-free pallets and kept under lock and key with 24-hour security.
Home Movers FAQs

Can you provide a full plan for our move?

Our staff will work with you to draw up a comprehensive plan for your move, and we will then implement that plan with maximum efficiency.

Can you organise a move in a short space of time?

It is obviously ideal to plan a move well in advance. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimises costs, downtime and potential snags. However, we understand that this is not always possible. Sometimes you need to move in a hurry, plans change, life and business are unpredictable. We will always work with you to carry out a flawless move, even when under pressure and with serious time constraints.

What if our move date changes?

Provided we have sufficient notice, a change of moving date shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Plans change and we have sufficient experience to move with the changes and make adjustments as we go.

At Master Office Projects, we pride ourselves on being the number one choice for office relocation in Johannesburg. We offer a full range of services, from planning to move-in and installation. If you need office movers in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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