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We are a Level 1 BEE Commercial and Storage Service specializing in Corporate Projects, Relocations, Internal Moves, and Storage. We specialize in all moves, whether with staff members, office, or international relocations.

If you are looking for a moving company in Constantia, you are in the right place. We have experts moving offices all over the country! 

Constantia has much to offer for businesses moving to the tranquil suburb. The suburb sees many visitors as it is close to Cape Town International Airport and diverse shopping centres such as Constantia Village Shopping Centre and Constantia Emporium. If you are moving to Constantia, we suggest setting up your business close to these busy centres.

Another way you can ensure success is to hire a professional moving company to help you get started. Master Office Projects is a removals company specialising in office removals and furniture removal in Cape Town South Africa (and beyond!) We can help you to get your office items to your new Constantia office safely and quickly.

Office Moves In Constantia

Your new office in Constantia awaits you but who will help you to pack? Don’t stress – this is where our professional movers shine. We are experts at packing and storage, helping you to move even heavy and fragile office items. Whether you need to pack up your filing cabinets or your office furniture, our moving service will ensure it gets to your new office safely.

International Movers In Constantia

We are more than just local moves and long-distance moves – we handle international company moves too! Simply let us know where your new destination is, your budget, and your schedule, and our international relocation team will help you with your new office relocation.

Staff Relocation In Constantia

Don’t let your staff stress over moving to a new area. There are plenty of spacious residential properties in Constantia. If you need to move staff, our relocation services can help them with their home or office relocation. We will work efficiently and quickly so that your staff can get settled in and enjoy their new environment.

Safe Storage In Constantia

Do you have many office items but little space? Don’t worry, we got you covered with our spacious storage facilities in Cape Town. You can store away your office items that are taking up clutter until you get a chance to sort through them. Our storage units are palletised, monitored, and safe from rodents and other pests.


What do we do about boxes?

We provide all the boxes you need for your office move, including Ecoboxes – our eco-friendly range of sturdy moving boxes that are sealable and stackable.

What if my items are damaged during the move?

Our professional movers are trained to handle even the most delicate fragile items. For your protection, however, you should consider taking out moving insurance in the case of an emergency.

What will my employees need to do to prepare for the move?

We advise employees to pack up their personal belongings that they won’t want in the moving truck ahead of time. If they need help with these, our movers will assist. 

For a moving company in Constantia, you can trust, call our team today!

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