Company relocation services in Blairgowrie

We are a Level 1 BEE Commercial and Storage Service specializing in Corporate Projects, Relocations, Internal Moves, and Storage. We specialize in all moves, whether with staff members, office, or international relocations.

Relocating your business is one of the most stressful things you can do. Thankfully, we are a moving company in Blairgowrie that takes away all your moving headaches. 

Blairgowrie is a leafy suburb in the heart of Johannesburg with quaint residential and commercial properties and major arterial routes. The suburb is close to Sandton City which is beaming with business opportunities and is close to Hyde Park Corner and Melrose Arch where businesses “open up shop” to lure in mall visitors. With so many opportunities, we don’t blame you for relocating your business to Blairgowrie. 

Master Office Projects is a moving company in Blairgowrie that has been helping companies to relocate for the past decade. As a corporate relocation company, we can get you and your staff settled into your new office as quickly as possible.

Office Moves In Blairgowrie

Imagine having an unpacking service, removals service, and relocation services all in one – this is what we do! We relocate your entire office to a new area and take care of the packing, transport, and storage of your office items. If you need items to be disposed of, we can take care of that too. Our professional office relocation team goes out of its way to ensure you receive the best service.

International Movers In Blairgowrie

Moving from an international destination to Blairgowrie? Luckily, our service delivery extends beyond South Africa. Our corporate relocation teams have decades of experience helping international companies with their corporate move. We’ll help you to get settled into the country and provide you with quotes within your budget (and time frame).

Staff Relocation In Blairgowrie

Moving your staff to Blairgowrie? Here’s another way we can help you. If your staff needs to relocate anywhere in the Blairgowrie area, we can arrange for their belongings to be safely packed and transported to their new home. Neither you nor your staff will have to worry about damages or downtime with our services.

Safe Storage In Blairgowrie

Running out of space for those heavy printers or files? Why not store them away in our secure storage facilities? Whether it’s for 6 months or more, you can have your items stored away in a fully-monitored palletised storage unit. Speak to us about our affordable storage solutions for more info.


Do you provide the packaging for my IT equipment?

Yes, we provide the best and safest packaging equipment for all of your office equipment. You can always provide your own but when it comes to safe packing, the professionals know best!

Can my office plants be moved?

It depends on the office plant. Plastic plants could be moved. Real plants may not make the trip (due to a lack of direct sunlight or bad weather conditions). We suggest not using a moving truck for these.

Do you move modular furniture?

As a removals company, we try to remove all types of furniture and equipment. Speak to us about the furniture you need to be removed and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you out.

Speak to us today if you are looking for a moving company in Blairgowrie!

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